Tours, Parades, and Events

2017 Event Dates:


  • October 2nd – Monthly Membership Meeting
  • October 4-7 – Hershey
  • October 22nd – Fall Foliage Tour – Matt Petitjean chairperson. We will meet at the Dunkin Donuts at 202 and rt10 (246 Littleton Rd, Morris Plains, NJ 07950)  at 10am.  We will tour through quiet back roads and beautiful homes in Morris and Somerset county.  Midpoint stop at Jockey Hollow park and loop on tour road.  We will eat at Long Hill Tavern.   Please see turn by turn directions on the Tour Sheet


  • November 5th – Frostbite Tour –  Don McNeill chairperson.  Dunkin Donuts 202 and rt 10.  Headed to twin lights lighthouses – highland, NJ
  • November 6th – Monthly Membership Meeting
  • November 25 Newton Thanksgiving Parade:  Brian Lockwood chairperson.  Line up at 9:00 and parade step off at 10:00.


  • December 4th – Monthly Membership Meeting
  • December 10th – Holiday Party & Installation Banquet.  Don McNeill chairperson.

How to run a successful tour:

Plan the tour:
If you would like to run a tour for our club there are a few things to consider which will help you organize a successful event. There are basically two types of tours our club participates in: 1. Day trips and 2. Longer tours (anywhere from weekend to 10 days or more).

  1. Day Tours:
    1.  If you have a destination in mind for a future event, it is helpful to inquire at a meeting 1 or 2 months prior to your planned event to ask who would be interested in attending such a tour. This will give you a better idea of the number of cars and the number of directions to have available.
    2. Calculate the mileage to the destination and return trip to be sure there are enough daylight hours in the day for travel as well as attend the venue festivities. Distance should safely be less than 100 miles for a day trip. That also depends on how much time you need to spend at the destination you choose. Run the tour before the event, making notes so you can have accurate directions available. (i.e. detours, etc.) a) When running the route, plan a potty stop within a reasonable time: usually about 1.5 hrs. (This may not apply to shorter runs but should always be a consideration) b)It is customary to select a restaurant to stop for either a late lunch or early dinner somewhere on the way home, so this would be a good time to do that. If you have a rather large number of people, plan ahead with the restaurant for this with an approximate time the group would be arriving. Then you can take a head count at the meeting place.
    3. Create route directions to the destination as well as the return trip (unless otherwise stated). These are to be given to each navigator wherever the meeting place is established. The tour directors cell phone number must appear at the top of the directions. AND THE TOUR DIRECTOR WILL HAVE THEIR CELL PHONE IS ON.
    4. Establish a meeting place and departure time which should appear in the newsletter and on the website for all to see one month prior to the date. (ie: Dunkin Donuts in Rockaway Mall).
  2. Day of the tour:
    1. Arrive at the designated meeting location with a full tank of gas.
    2. Give out the tour directions and get the head count for the restaurant stop on the way home. The ideal situation is to have communication with the 1st and last car of the group. However, this is not always possible.
    3. Now your tour is on the road:
      1. Be respectful of your speed. A comfortable speed is about 45 MPH. Remember; the cars that follow you must drive faster to keep up. You can judge how things are going by checking the rear-view mirror to see if everyone is following. OR NOT.
      2. Keep the car behind you in your vision. If you see it is a few cars back and there is a turn ahead, make the turn and pull over (if possible) so the driver can see you make that turn.
      3. If passing through a town which has several traffic lights and there are no turns in the directions, wait at the end of the town for the rest to catch up and regroup. Remember, you all have directions if separated.